Transforming Criminology: Rethinking Crime in a Changing World

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The 2018 British Society of Criminology annual conference was held in Birmingham, hosted by Birmingham City University – Transforming Criminology: Rethinking Crime in a Changing World.

Following the conference, the British Society of Criminology has published a selection of articles in a 'Virtual Issue' of the British Journal of Criminology. The articles chosen for this ‘Virtual Issue’ contains ten such articles, which successfully carry the spirit of transformative criminology.

Free download will be possible for a probably limited period of time.

List of articles and download:

Pleasure zones and murder boxes: online Pornography and violent video games as cultural zones of exception
Rowland Atkinson and Thomas Rodgers

The Changing Shape of Street-Level Heroin and Crack Supply in England: Commuting, Holidaying and Cuckooing Drug Dealers Across ‘County Lines’
Ross Coomber and Leah Moyle

Criminology as Religion?
Fiona Haines and Adam Sutton

Five Spaces of Cultural Criminology
Keith J. Hayward

Urban Exploration: From Subterranea to Spectacle
Theo Kindynis

Awareness × Opportunity: Testing Interactions Between Activity Nodes and Criminal Opportunity in Predicting Crime Location Choice
Barbara Menting

What’s Deviance Got to Do With It? Black Friday Sales, Violence and Hyper-conformity
Thomas Raymen and Oliver Smith

Beyond ‘Facts’ and ‘Values’: Rethinking Some Recent Debates about the Public Role of Criminology
Elizabeth Turner

The pains of crimmigration imprisonment: Perspectives from a Norwegian all-foreign prison
Thomas Ugelvik and Dorina Damsa

‘#IT’S Dangerous’: The Online World of Drug Dealers, Rappers and the Street Code
Marta-Marika Urbanik and Kevin D Haggerty

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