European prevention campaign on pickpocketing

At the start of the 2018 World Cup, we have launched a European prevention campaign on pickpocketing during mass events. By the use of three animation videos, the EUCPN and 25 European Member States aim to step up the fight against this crime by informing and warning citizens on how they can protect themselves.

The campaign #ProtectYourPocket, financed by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union, includes three short animation videos which will be shown on big screens and distributed on social media. By the absence of a spoken language, the videos can easily reach a large audience. Each video demonstrates, with a touch of humour, how a cartoon figure is not paying attention to the belongings in his or her pockets while standing in a large crowd; watching a football game on outdoor big screens, taking public transport or enjoying a concert at a festival. Because of its characteristics, these happenings are a paradise for pickpockets.

More information and videos on the EUCPN website.
Ein Service des deutschen Präventionstages.

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