Call for Papers on Young Male Hate Groups

Violence and Gender, a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the role of gender in the understanding, prediction, and prevention of acts of violence, is seeking high-quality research on hate groups comprised of young men. The journal is especially interested in studies that examine international perspectives.

Violence and Gender is the go-to international resource for the critical examination of biological, genetic, behavioural, psychological, racial, ethnic, and cultural factors as they relate to the gender of perpetrators of violence. The Journal explores the difficult issues that are vital to threat assessment and prevention of the epidemic of violence.

For this special-focus call for papers, the journal will consider Research Articles, Reviews, Perspectives, and Commentaries on the on the following topics:

  • Economic drivers of hate and violence
  • Role of social and traditional media in violent outcomes/perpetuating hate
  • The “incel” community and “manosphere”
  • Intersection of gender norms and hate/violence
  • Interventions to young male hate groups
  • Recruitment of group members and the radicalization process
  • Group dynamics within hate groups
  • Role of violent behaviour within groups
  • Bunker mentality toward other group members
  • Lone wolves within violent groups

More information regarding the Call and Submission process on the SIVIR website.


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