Call for papers: Terrorism and Violent Extremist Offenders

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The aim of this special issue of the Journal of Quantitative Criminology is to bring together original studies that employ or advance quantitative methods in the study of terrorism. Studies that examine radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism, characteristics and life course trajectories of terrorist and violent extremist offenders and their organizations, or terror attacks, will be considered for review. Questions that may be addressed include the following:  

  • What are the drivers, triggers, or risk factors for involvement in terrorism and violent extremism?
  • What are the similarities and differences between different types of offenders?
  • What are the network characteristics of terrorist and extremist organizations and groups, and how do they change over time? 
  • What are the spatial and temporal patterns and characteristics of terrorist attacks and how are they explained?

This special issue will also specifically seek to include contributions that focus on the recent wave of attacks related to or inspired by organizations like the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qa’eda. Studies focusing on other offenders and organizations involved in terrorism and political violence with an extremist background from all groups and ideological positions are also invited and encouraged to submit for review.

We are particularly interested in contributions that focus on methodological and statistical advances in the study of terrorism and violent extremist offenders. This may also include quantitative methods and approaches to examining trends in terrorism or to predicting terrorism or identifying terrorists and violent extremists.

Manuscripts should be received no later than July 1, 2018. 

Please direct any questions regarding the special issue to one of the guest editors: Gary LaFree (glafree@umd.edu), Catrien Bijleveld (cbijleveld@nscr.nl) or Frank Weerman (fweerman@nscr.nl). Please include "Special Issue of JOQC" in the subject line.  

Please find more complete details regarding the submission process on the website.




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