The evolution of jihadist radicalization in Asia

Although often overshadowed by the turbulent scenarios in the Middle East, Asia is also strongly affected by the new wave of jihadist radicalization. Known as the historic shelter of al-Qaedas leadership since the second half of the 1990s, in fact, Asia has always been a fertile ground for the branching of the network connected to international terrorism. The osmotic collaboration between al-Qaeda and the different groups of insurgency in South Asia, on one hand, and training and financial support offered to the realities in Southeast Asia, on the other, have made Asiantheatres a crucial front in the fight against terrorism for the International Community.

As the heterogeneity of the different national environments and the differences in the affiliation to al-Qaeda manifested within each countries, the jihadist phenomenon is not producing a homogeneous response across the region.This paper, published by the Italian Terrorsim Observatory in April, aims at analyzing how this evolution is occurring, which consequences could create for the national and regional stability and how States in Asia are facing to this challenge.

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