Perspectives on Law, Crime and Justice from the Global South

Call for manuscript proposals: Scholarly perspectives on crime, law and justice have generally been sourced from a select number of countries from the Global North, whose journals, conferences, publishers and universities dominate the intellectual landscape. As a consequence research about these matters in the Global South has tended to uncritically reproduce concepts and arguments developed in the Global North to understand local problems and processes. In recent times, there have been substantial efforts to undo this colonized way of thinking leading to a burgeoning body of new work. Southern theories, subaltern knowledges and border epistemologies are challenging the social science to open up new ways of thinking about society, crime, law and justice.

This new book series aims to publish and promote innovative new scholarship with a long term view of enhancing cognitive justice and democratising the production of knowledge.

Manuscript proposals are invited that approach the subject from a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives and fields of knowledge -history, socio-legal studies, criminology, anthropology and sociology. While the series editors are keen to solicit manuscripts from Latin America, Oceania, and Africa, as the series aims to bridge global divides, co-authorship across the North/South global is also welcomed.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to this series, please contact the editors below:

Prof Kerry Carrington, Queensland University of Technology, Australia (Kerry.carrington@qut.edu.au)

Prof Máximo Sozzo, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina (msozzo80@gmail.com)

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