UNODC advances efforts to measure organized crime

A comprehensive understanding of the nature and extent of organized crime is lacking in almost every region of the world. Measuring progress at the regional and national levels has proved to be a difficult one given the lack of comparable data analysis on the dynamics of organised crime. In this regard, UNODC's new framework will present a clear way forward for States to assess the volume of organized crime and their responses to it. With a view to addressing this challenge, UNODC initiated the development of a framework for measuring and assessing organized crime in the Western Balkans.

The framework will focus on a set of indicators to collect and analyse data on activities and modus operandi of organized criminal groups; organized crime enablers such as corruption, obstruction of justice and technology; States' responses; and the size of illegal markets. The analysis of such data will lead to more focused prevention methods and monitoring of policy interventions.

Funded by the European Commission, the framework will contribute to the beneficiaries' national priorities, in particular the European Union (EU) integration process. The framework will be followed by a series of data collections starting mid-2018 and capacity building activities on data collection and reporting. A final analytical report on organized crime in the Western Balkans will be produced in 2019.

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