"The home front" - series of the New York Times analysis the correlation between domestic violence and mass slayings

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Nearly half of women killed in the United States are murdered by a current or former romantic partner. Young children are most often killed at home. In a majority of cases, the weapons used are firearms. The National Rifle Association and fierce defenders for gun rights have stymied most efforts to advance sensible safety rules. But these same gun rights advocates have been much more willing to support laws to stop access to guns by domestic abusers. It’s past time to enact these laws and toughen enforcement. Taking steps to protect the potential victims of family violence may save their lives — and prevent the next mass shooting, as well.

Therefore the New York Times has recently published a series analysing the correlation between domestic violence and the use of firearms including mass slayings. Nine chapters describe different aspects of the dramatic and widely spread issue of domestic violence and examine why law enforcement shows little effect, yet. The newspaper invites victims to share their story, too.

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