Police Forces of 33 countries in the Americas sign Hemispheric Declaration against human trafficking

As part of ongoing efforts, the National Security Commission of Mexico organized the first Hemispheric Summit on Human Trafficking at the end of 2017, where representatives of 33 Police Forces in the Americas signed a declaration against this crime. The event was inaugurated by Mexico's National Security Commissioner, Renato Sales; Head of the Mexican Federal Police, Manelich Castilla Craviotto; and Programme Official of the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Todd Christiansen.

UNODC presented at the summit the #AQUIESTOY campaign which was launched earlier in 2017. #AQUIESTOY encourages the public to think about their responsibility as consumers of goods and services. The campaign illustrates some forms of human trafficking and shows the groups most vulnerable to this crime.

To date, #AQUIESTOY has generated more than 12 million impressions on Twitter and the website recorded 10,000 visits. Since the campaign's launch, Mexico's National Human Trafficking Hotline received an average of 127 calls per month, with October being the peak month. The campaign, financed by the US Department of State, uses the Braille system in the printed materials and closed caption subtitles in the videos. These features make the campaign accessible for people with hearing and visual disabilities, which is unique.

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