Preventing Discriminatory Violence at the Local Level

Discriminatory violence is widespread in Europe and poses a real threat to public safety, social cohesion and integration. In order to counteract this phenomenon, approaches at the local level are needed, such as awareness rising, education and empowerment and crime prevention, victim assistance and cross-agency cooperation. Because of their close relationship with citizens, local and regional authorities can play an important role in preventing these acts and raising awareness in civil society.

The publication introduces to the concept of discriminatory violence, gives 50 promising examples from across Europe, and provides recommendations to local and regional stakeholders on how prevention work against hatred, intolerance and prejudice can be successfully implemented.

The publication was elaborated by the European Forum on Urban Security (Efus) in the frame of the EU financed Just & Safer Cities for all project. The Just & Safer Cities for All project aimed to mobilise local elected officials and to increase knowledge amongst decision-makers and practitioners about the measures that can be taken at a local level to counter acts of discriminatory violence.

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