UNODC develops new animated series to promote primary prevention for kids

In the framework of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative UNODC has developed a new cartoon campaign to promote ethics and values teaching to primary school children. Based on an animated series, The Zorbs, the campaign tells of an imaginary planet and its inhabitants who overcome a range of challenges thanks to core values and skills.

The series has been designed as a fun yet informative education tool, and will comprise a set of animated videos, complemented by an online interactive Comic Creator that encourages children to build meaningful stories in an engaging and creative way. With a six-minute pilot video, which introduces the four lead characters and sets the scene for their adventures, other episodes are now in production.

Learn more about the campaign: http://www.unodc.org/dohadeclaration/en/news/2017/11/unodc-develops-new-animated-series-to-help-promote-primary-level-ethics-education.html

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