Kitagold: Entertaining videos for urgent topics in Childcare centres [Kitas]

Katharina Hepke
Papilio gGmbH

The Corona crisis brings the urgent issues in childcare centres to the forefront. The issues of inequality of opportunity, social exclusion and child protection are once again in the public eye, because one thing is clear from the start: children are among those most affected by the pandemic. According to the COPSY study conducted by the UKE Hamburg, every third child has mental health problems. The educational staff in day-care centres are currently faced with the challenge of having to deal with a multitude of problems in a professionally sound manner. In the childcare centres, children show symptoms of distress or even traumatisation. For this reason, Papilio gGmbH has created a digital platform that addresses the urgent issues of the educational professionals. „Kitagold“ was launched in 2020 (expanded in 2021) and is a low-threshold help for educators to cope with everyday life. On „Kitagold“, they receive short-term, handy tips on how to cope with everyday pedagogical work in the form of videos and exercise books for consolidation. The number of clicks showed that the offer was very successfully accepted. In particular, videos that address problems at the child level are clicked on thousands of times. This lecture shows how it was possible to „translate“ complex psychological-pedagogical facts of a prevention programme into entertaining interventions.


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