Challenges for Preventing Youth Violence in Cyberspace

Joanna Atkinson
Strengthening the Reconciliation Processes in Sri Lanka (SRP)
Björn Kunter
Love Storm
Dr. Klaus H. Schreiner
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Shatha Sheikh Youssef
7amleh - The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement

What can we learn from each other in the globalised cyber space?

Social media play an increasingly important role in every-day life, but also in the political arena. They are very attractive for young people and have become a major means of their communication and interaction: they are building friendships and organising their daily life on these platforms. However, at the same time social media channels are increasingly shaping the political discourse. And they are used as instruments of violent and even criminal perpetration such as cyber-mobbing, hate speech, bullying, fake news, etc. The consequences of such deeds reach out from the cyberspace into real life and affect the physical and psycho-social well-being of many people. Societies in all countries are facing the challenge to balance the benefits and the hazards of digital communication to prevent the misuse of these media and to avoid risks for peaceful coexistence and cohesive societies. Young people as the main drivers of social media usage are victims and perpetrators at the same time. They play the key role in developing strategies and efforts to contain and prevent violence in the cyberspace and therefore deserve our attention.

Practitioners will present their current practice and experience in the field and explore opportunities of mutual learning and cooperation.
Vortrag im Rahmen des 26. Deutschen Präventionstages


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