RAN POL: The current and future challenge for police in PVE

Steven Lenos
Radicalisation Awareness Network Practitioners

RAN POL is the working group for police and law enforcement, and part of the European Radicalisation Awareness Network. RAN POL is seeking to identify a more effective police approach, which is flexible enough to be shared among many police forces in the EU Member States. This will require peer reviewing police approaches that work efficiently, identifying successful training, understanding the role of social media, providing guidelines for trust-based relationships with communities and families, and, finally, optimising cooperation between specialised branches and local community police. In this meeting RAN POL will share key lessons and present the current challenges.

RAN POL is more than willing to engage with the broader world of crime prevention, because we strongly believe in a holistic approach combining all aspects of crime prevention. In an interactive setting we would love to discuss what should be the role of police in the current and future extremism challenges.

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