ProtectED: Valuing the safety, security & wellbeing of university students

Dr. Caroline. L. Davey
University of Salford
Melissa R. Marselle
University of Salford (UK)
Andrew B. Wootton
Universität von Salford (UK)

Design Against Crime Solution Centre, University of Salford (UK).

The security of higher education institutions (HEIs) and the students that attend them, is a significant issue in the UK. Current approaches to HEI security are fragmented, focusing primarily on campus facilities rather than the student experience. The Design Against Crime Solution Centre at the University of Salford is developing the ProtectED code of practice to address this. Based on an idea from security consultancy BCN Quality and Environmental, the ProtectED team is working to develop a code of practice and accreditation scheme for UK higher education institutions, with the potential for further roll-out in Europe. The scheme is innovative in its formulation and delivery, being oriented around the student experience and combining requirements for safety, security and wellbeing. This student-centred approach is particularly important in the increasingly market-oriented UK higher education system, as well as competition for international students. To enable evidenced-based design and development, research is being conducted to better understand aspects of security, safety and wellbeing relevant to students and institutions. Ultimately, however, the success of ProtectED will depend on the strength of the business case for its delivery. The presentation will discuss macro and microeconomic challenges associated with developing a business case.


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