A Study on Comprehensive Plan to Protect Children and Youths from Sexual Violence and Support Victims

Dr. Eugene Lee
National Youth Policy Institute
Dr. Ok-Kyung Yoon
Kyonggi University

The purpose of this study is to propose measures to protect children and youths from sexual violence and support victims. To achieve such purpose of the study, specialist opinion investigation (484 persons for questionnaire survey) and interview survey (14 persons) were performed.
The main results of this study were as follows: Specialist investigation on opinions showed that the most important in preventive policies against sexual violence on children and youths was education and promotion for the prevention of sexual violence, while placement and operation of facilities intended to protect and support victims was also the most important in victim support policies. The most effective measure for agencies against sexual violence was provision of counseling and psychotherapy to victims. They agreed positively that sexual violence prevention agencies for children younger than 13 and ones for children under 13 to 18 age group are needed, and that regional solidarity for the protection of female children should be extended to villages in smaller administrative units of village. Interview survey showed that not a few victims among children and youths were investigated at schools or transferred to agencies not associated with sexual violence prevention and later to Sunflower Centers, which resulted in inflicting secondary damage. Based on such results, a plan to strengthen support for child and youth victims should be made.


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