Challenges and responses at the local level:

Dr. Harald Weilnböck
Cultures Interactive e.V.

What to do with youth violence, political extremism and religious fundamentalism in at-risk social sectors? Two Berlin NGOs provide answers. Violence Prevention Network (VPN) goes into prisons and applies a systematic multi-module group-training, using biography work, group-dynamic work, civic education/ political discussion, family counselling, and post-release coaching, thus de-radicalising hate crime offenders reducing the risk of further violence and terrorist attacks. Cultures Interactive (CI) has developed an approach of youth-cultural community work which combines elements of civic education, psychologically based group-dynamics, and a peer-learning modus of teaching youth-cultural activities (Break Dance, Skateboarding, Slam Poetry, Digital Music Production, Cartoon and Graffiti Visual Design). CI thus reduces resentment, aggression and wide spread anti-civil liberties extremism among adolescents. EU best-practice research (TPVR/ London Probation, EU Dir.‘Justice’) shows: it takes methods of social therapy group-work, which generate emotional intelligence, build confidence, confront the hate crime act and aggressive attitudes, instil biographical self-reflection and convey historical and civic information. National institutions need respective consulting and training. Further research though-out different EU member states is required -- and envisaged by VPN and CI.


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