Prof. Caroline L. Davey
Design Against Crime Solution Centre

University of Salford
Cutting Crime Impact (CCI)
New Adelphi building
+44 (0)1612955000

Caroline L. Davey is Professor of Design, Innovation & Society and Director of the Design Against Crime Solution Centre — a unique design research partnership with Greater Manchester Police, the Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen (DE) and DSP-groep b.v. (NL). Her background is in Organisational Psychology.

For over 20 years, Caroline has led research into the use of evidence-based design to create human-centred product and service solutions to societal challenges. She is currently leading the €3m European Commission funded research programme Cutting Crime Impact (CCI). CCI is working with six law enforcement agencies across Europe — including the Dutch and Estonian national police forces, Lisbon Police, German police in Lower Saxony and Spanish police in Catalonia (

Caroline is also part of the IcARUS Innovative Approaches to Urban Security consortium (

Caroline has published widely on the use of human-centred design to address issues related to social responsibility, and was invited to author a volume of Gower's seminal Socially Responsible Design series. Design Against Crime: A human-centred approach to safety and security outlines the development of Design Against Crime in the UK, and its wider impact on design research, practice and policy across Europe (