Tina Ristmäe

NGO Estonian Neighbourhood Watch
Managing director
Kotka 12
13315 Tallinn

Tiina Ristmäe started to work in the field of crime prevention in 2003 after graduating the Tartu University (Estonia) Social work administration studies. She led the school and kindergarten safety activities in the NGO Estonian Neighbourhood Watch. In 2006 she graduated Karolinska Institute (Sweden) master program in Safety Promotion. From 2006 until 2011 she was the managing director of the NGO Estonian Neighbourhood Watch (ENHW). After moving to Germany in 2012 she continued to contribute to the development of the NGO ENHW as a member of the board, in 2015 she was chosen to be a member of the board for the second term. Currently she is working for German Federal Agency for Technical Relief in the field of civil protection and disaster prevention.