Efforts of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), The role of College of Forensic Sciences (CFS).

The College of Forensic Sciences (CFS), formerly known as Forensic Science Laboratories, was established in the year 2003 with the main objective of upgrading the quality of Forensic Science practice in the Arab world through providing high standard education and professional training in various disciplines of forensic sciences.
Our core aim at the CSF is to make this college as a model and one of the Arab world's leading and most inspiring educational institution for providing high standard professional academic education, and training in various disciplines of forensic sciences. At the same time, we wish to extend our services beyond the regional boundaries and establish ourselves as a forensic science institution of international repute and credibility.
The CFS realizes the importance of research in developing new approaches and methodologies for crime prevention, investigation and control. In order to produce forensic scientists of absolute competency and high professionalism in forensic science practice, we intend to launch PhD program in various disciplines of forensic sciences. At the same time, CFS is planning to establish a directorate of research to encourage and support basic and applied research in various fields of forensic sciences. More over we plan to offer online courses in various branches of forensic sciences both at the regional and international level.