Restoring Societies. Norway after the atrocities

Prof. Dr. Nils Christie
University of Oslo

With restorative justice, we are accustomed to think of individuals or smaller groups of people who have been offended or lost something of importance; from dignity to material belonging. Then they meet the offender or the offenders, and an attempt is made to restore the situation, bring it back to earlier glory. In the case of the amok in Norway on July 22, 2011 an important part of a whole society was damaged, and, in the aftermath, brought through a sort of restorative process.
The speech will describe the atrocities in Norway, details of what happened, the answers to the atrocities, the court-case and why the whole process developed with dignity. Losses in life and suffering were terrible, but on some points, Norway became in this period a society with some particular qualities. Professor Christie concludes with some questions on what to do now, with the man who killed so many: his body is imprisoned, probably for life. But will his words be allowed to fleet freely from his prison-cell to the encouragement of equal-minded all over the Globe?


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